The best way to start your morning is to slice your finger open in the middle of breakfast.


Taking shots on a Monday night when we have early morning classes tomorrow.

My friends and I are model students, let us mentor your children.

Friends & Family discount referral link!

I finally have my discount referral link for Serengetee! If you buy anything, use this link: to give you 15% off your order! This isn’t just you guys helping me, or me helping you, it’s all of us working together to help a whole lot of others.

Nothing beats a Sunday night like turning 21 and taking shots while studying for tomorrow’s midterm!

The roommate drama is starting again,

but this time I’m handling it. I’m telling her what bothers me, and voicing my concerns. I’ve always told her she can tell me if I do something that bothers her, but she never has unless I bring up something first, and I’m not afraid to bring things up, especially if they are causing me extra unnecessary stress. Go me!

I know I’ve been MIA lately, but I have big news!

I’m a new member of the Serengetee campus reps! I’m so excited to spread the word about this amazing company, and I really think you should too! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and on their own website. In the next week I’ll have discount codes for friends and family (which I can include all of you too), so if you find something you like, which I’m sure you will since there’s literally something for everyone, just hit me up on here, or the links I have on my “about me” and I can hook you up!


My sanity is being held together by a bunch of little pills

I’m a big crying mess right now.

I watched the series finale of The Office again (I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times, it’s pretty much the best show on earth) and now I’m crying so much and I have class tomorrow morning and I’m not emotionally ready for life at the moment.


I am so embarrassed that I am missing my third, THIRD, day of school because the side effects of my medication make me feel like the ultimate shit bucket of awful. After almost passing out before class yesterday, and still feeling like a little delicate flower that’s been trampled on by the pharmaceutical reps all over the world I didn’t go to a very important class today. I hate everything and trying to be positive is really out of my reach at the moment.

  • American Kids
  • Kenny Chesney

I love my boys. I’m so lucky to have happened upon the best on earth.